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Sosyal medyanın siyahi güzeli: Lola Chuil

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6 Women of Color Share Their Journey to Finding the Right Foundation

Walking down a makeup aisle and not finding the foundation that matches your skin tone can take its toll. Women of color know this struggle all too well — for so long, many beauty companies offered a limited number of shades for their skin tones.

'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit'

'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' Is Launching a Swimwear Line. The swimwear and active apparel lines are set to launch in early 2018.

Lola Chuil

NICKI MINAJ at Amfar’s 24th Cinema Against Gala at Cannes Film Festival

Waleska Gorczevski - Barney's New York Swimwear - Spring/Summer 2017

Sophia Ahenrs - Portrait MNSTR YOUTH project 2017