Monday, February 6, 2017

How to become an Instagram Model in 2017, The Easy Way

How to Become an Instagram Model in 5 Easy Steps (2017)

Instagram celebrity, the term began somewhat as a joke, but today being Instagram famous is very much a reality. Launched in 2010 as a free mobile app, Instagram has grown into a leading social sharing platform. No, it’s not just for Millenials or Generation Z. It’s now a legitimate way to grow your career, promote a business, and even start a new one. How do I know? I actually learned how to become an Instagram model completely by accident. I joined Instagram when it first launched at the same time I started The Dapifer, the very site you’re reading now. Believe me, I was nowhere near being Instagram famous. It was more like Instagram fail or Instagram Celebrity D List.

Over the course of a few years and many awkward IG posts later, it all finally started to make sense. For the first time I understood what it meant to become an Instagram Model and why it actually matters. Today, I have over 20k real followers and now you can too. The surprising part is that the most important work happens before ever publishing a post.

Keep reading below for 5 easy steps to becoming an Instagram model and Instagram famous in 2017. Who knows you could even be the next Kim Kardashian or Cameron Dallas. If that’s what you really want, that is.

1. Define Your Purpose

With so many social media platforms and other digital distractions, it’s important to have a clear focus on Instagram. By design, Instagram is a photo sharing platform. There’s also video too, but there are other platforms better for that such as youtube. Perhaps you’re using IG to share your portfolio or build leads. Whatever the reason, be sure that it aligns with a clearly defined purpose. This will assure that you stay motivated and on task. For instance the purpose for a photographer’s Instagram may be to meet new makeup artists or sell shoots to models and brands.

2. Do Your Research

Yes, there are actually people who get paid millions of dollars a year to post on Instagram. If you want to ever come close to being an Instagram celebrity you must do your research. There’s no better way to see what’s working than by exploring the IG feeds of successful Instagram models. If you’re a business, then focus on businesses in your industry who have successful IG accounts. If you’re building your personal IG, simply review top influencers in the field you want to grow in. When reviewing accounts, there are a few things that you should take note of. These elements include aesthetic, number of followers, number of following, content of post, frequency of post, and engagement. These metrics will be helpful later as you evaluate your own success and will help you set goals.

3. Know Your Audience

After defining your purpose and doing your research, you should now have a better idea of who your audience is. If you think of yourself as a brand or business then you should view your audience as customers and leads. How does a business gain new customers? By knowing who their audience is, of course. If you’re still unsure do a bit more research and put yourself in the place of followers. Why would you follow someone on Instagram? Knowing your audience is also an important first step to planning content. Without knowing what your followers want, you can’t possibly deliver consistent, effective posts.

4. Set Goals

For the average person, social media goals is a new concept. However to truly become Instagram famous in 2017, you must learn to think like a business. Setting goals is a crucial step in any business process and allows you to test methods and weigh results. There’s also just something very motivating about working toward a number. It holds us accountable and it makes it easier to assign a performance grade. For Instagram you should focus on four main goals.

Frequency of posts – How often you should publish new posts (per day/per week/per month)
Followers growth rate – The number of followers you want to gain (per day/per week/per month)
Engagement – The average number of likes and comments received per post
Conversions – The amount of direct leads you get from your IG account. If you have a website you can look at Google Analytics to see how many viewers visited your site by clicking on your profile. The method will vary based on what you set up.
5. Schedule Your Content

Spontaneous Instagram posts are fine for the average person, but frankly should never happen if you truly want to be an Instagram model. Why? Social media today is all about strategy and one mistake can be the difference between 100 new followers and 500 unfollows. The best way to keep things tidy and on target is to schedule everything. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Luckily, there are a handful of great social scheduling apps that can help you streamline the process. For example, you can check out services like Hootesuite and Buffer which allow you to schedule posts in advance. Some of these services will even send you reminders and let you know exactly when the best time to post is.

There it is, 5 easy steps you can take to become Instagram famous before even publishing a post. I’m sure that a lot of the tips seem obvious, but don’t neglect the little details. I promise, they actually work. After all, strategy and detail is what separates the world’s Instagram models from followers, right?

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