Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Talulah-Eve Brown, 22, is the first transgender contestant to compete in BNTM and describes herself as a 'sugar-coated bitch that likes the finer things in life'
BNTM's first ever transgender contestant, 22-year-old Talulah-Eve Brown has a black belt in karate, moonlights as a blogger, and currently holds the title of Miss Transgender, Birmingham.
The 5ft 8in Brummie beauty, who works as a bar supervisor, describes her look as 'instantly recognisable and versatile'; believing she can win the competition on the basis that there is no one like her.
Talulah-Eve, a trans rights campaigner, hit headlines last year when she revealed plans to freeze her sperm before transitioning so that she could one day have a baby. On her Instagram, she describes herself as a 'sugar-coated bi**** that likes the finer things in life'.

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