Wednesday, February 1, 2017

'We don't just talk body positivity, we LIVE it': Plus-size star Iskra Lawrence leads a cast of models of all shapes, ages, and races proudly showing off their natural beauty in unretouched ad

The 26-year-old stars in the All Woman Project's second campaign, which features its co-founders Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard
Quincy Davis, Holly Rilinger, Khoudia Diop, Lyn Slater, Mari Agory, and Paloma Esser also appear in the body positive campaign
The movement aims to promote diversity in the modeling industry, and its campaigns appear twice a week head of the Fashion Weeks in spring and fall

Iskra Lawrence has teamed up with models of all shapes and sizes for a stunning new campaign to promote diversity in the modeling industry ahead of Fashion Week.
For the launch of the All Woman Project's second campaign, the 26-year-old posed alongside numerous models, including the campaign's co-founders Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard.
The All Woman Project teamed up with Aerie for the shoot, and the models all proudly showed off their individual figures in pieces from the body-positive brand.

The mix of black and white and color images see the women exactly how they appear on camera without any retouching.
Surfer Quincy Davis, fitness expert Holly Rilinger, Senegalese model Khoudia Diop, style blogger and university professor Lyn Slater, and models Mari Agory and Paloma Esser also appear in the campaign, which was photographed by Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings, and produced by Les Mijotés.
One of the ethereal black and white portraits sees all of the women together, while individual shots allow the mix of 'plus' and 'straight' sized models to show off their unique beauty, including their curves, wrinkles, freckles, and skin tones, which were highlighted by make-up artist Alyssa Lorraine.
'We started the All Woman Project to change the global perception of women’s beauty and to show that a woman can be gorgeous at any age, color and shape,' Clementine and Charli said in a statement. 
Charli, a 25-year-old British model, famously spoke out against a modeling agency who told her that at 5'8" and wearing a US size 2-4, she was 'too big' and 'out of shape' to work in the fashion industry in 2015. 
After the incident, she moved on to MUSE Management, where she met Clementine, and they combined their passion for changing beauty standards in fashion, eventually forming the All Woman Project.

The two launched the first campaign last September ahead of New York Fashion Week, and the All Woman Project will continue to release campaigns twice a year to coincide with the spring and fall fashion months.
The All Woman Project, whose latest campaign was styled by Calvy Click, is celebrating its latest campaign by showcasing the series of portraits in a gallery setting at Aerie's pop-up shop in New York City this February.
In one of the portraits, Iskra is modeling a black lace bra worn under a sheer nude dress that billows around her legs.
Her long blond hair is in loose waves around her face, and she is staring directly into the camera.  
Iskra, who is also a #AerieReal spokesperson, explained that the All Woman Project is a perfect fit with the brand. 
'We don’t just talk about body positivity, we live it,' she said. 'Working with the All Woman Project is a natural fit for Aerie. 
'They are providing an honest and unretouched look at beauty and that’s exactly what Aerie is about — making women of all ages feel gorgeous in the skin they are in.'

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