Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gorgeous Model Who Calls Herself ‘The Black Hannah Montana’ Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Once upon a time, only light, fair skin was considered preferential when it came to beauty standards. No more! Rising stars of all shapes, colors, and talents are helping the American fashion and beauty industries to celebrate different looks and styles. It’s truly a beautiful time for diversity, and every day it seems there’s someone new who dares to break the mold and shine in the well-deserved spotlight.

One model is doing just that. Some call her Black Barbie, while she often dubs herself the Black Hannah Montana. In truth, this beauty is neither–she is her own woman, and her name is Lolita.

Lolita may have started her modeling career on Instagram, but she transcends the internet. Her rich, dark skin and piercing eyes prove that no matter how different you are, your individuality and unique beauty can shine.

This is Lolita, the gorgeous model who calls herself the Black Hannah Montana. Almost immediately after posting pictures of herself online, the world fell in love with her. Her dark skin perpetuates the diversity of beauty that is currently taking over the internet.
Some call her Black Barbie, but whatever you call her, there’s no denying that she is uniquely beautiful!
She’s known for her “doll-like” features. It didn’t take long for her Instagram to go viral.
Even though she doesn’t sing like Hannah Montana, Lolita is trying to set an example for little girls of color everywhere to love how they look, no matter how dark they are.
On her Instagram page, Lolita says, “just humble yourself.” She’s all about staying true to herself.
Lolita’s steadily increasing popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Check out her Instagram and see why all of her beautiful photos are causing a stir!
Whether your call her Black Hannah Montana, Black Barbie or simply Lolita, you’ve got to admit, this amazing lady is breaking down beauty barriers left and right. There’s no telling what she will do next, but it’s obvious that she will look great doing it!

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