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Miss BumBum organisers BAN Kim Kardashian-style 43inch behinds in bid to make the sexy competition feel ‘classic and elegant’

The founder of the competition said: "I felt the need to reach for a new audience, to show a new way to be sexy without being overtly sexual"

THE OUTRAGEOUS Miss Bumbum competition is set for a makeover – banning bottoms as big as Kim Kardashian’s in a bid to make the event appear more “elegant”.

In August 27 women will vie for the crown, which sees a model representing each state of Brazil compete.
But this year will be a little different.

Competitors have been informed of new rules which ban bottoms bigger than 107cm in diameter.

This would leave Kim Kardashian’s derriere – which is 109cm – banned from the competition should she be eligible to enter.
Miss Bumbum’s founder Cacau Oliver told the Daily Mail: “After five successful editions I felt the need to reach for a new audience, to show a new way to be sexy without being overtly sexual.

“I wanted to take the focus off just the bottom and judge women on their other attributes like her face, skin, breasts.
Gabriella is among the women who will take part in the competition, which begins in August
Will Miss Bumbum candidate Itala take the crown this year?
Women like Hellen, pictured, represent each of Brazil’s states in the competition
Rosie is among the 27 women competing for the 2017 crown

I would like people to see the contest differently, like they would a beauty pageant and not just who has the best bottom.”

A number of this year’s contestants have already been causing a stir.

Curvy Gilliane Bonheur, 24, hit headlines after vowing to remove her silicone bum implants so she doesn’t have an “unfair advantage” in the competition.

And contestant Rangel Carlos reveals she’s in a polyamorous relationship with both a man and a woman – and the three are raising a child together.

Last year it was Erika Canela, from Bahia, who was crowned winner after the fiercely fought contest.

Erika, who has a 42inch bottom, took home a £18,000 prize and a lucrative modelling contract.

The curvy 20-year-old was the first black woman to win the popular beauty pageant in which more than 17 million Brazilians vote for their country’s sexiest backside.

She has since commemorated her win by getting a tattoo of Donald Trump on her body after winning the title on the same day as he won the US election.

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