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The Colored Girl and Make Up For Ever Just Released An Epic Campaign

The breathtaking pictorial is an extension of Make Up For Ever's #BlendInStandOut initiative. 
The Colored Girl, an agency dedicated to encouraging self love among women of color, recently unveiled a beautiful new campaign. It serves as an extension of Make Up For Ever's #BlendInStandOut initiative, which "Melanin Goddess" Khoudia Diop is a part of.  (Fun fact: she's also the "Breakout Beauty Star" for this year's ESSENCE Best in Black Beauty Awards!)

"For me, it's more than just a product, it’s the idea behind the product!" the Senegalese beauty previously told ESSENCE. "There are so many types of beauty that all deserve to be celebrated."
The breathtaking pictorial, shot by Joey Rosado, features a group of beauty influencers whose skin tones, backgrounds and hair textures vary. With the goal of pushing diversity and inclusion throughout the beauty industry, each woman answers the question, "what do you stand for?"

Equal education, body positivity, co-parenting and anti-bullying were just a few of the many issues brought to the forefront. The Colored Girl CEOs Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth hope that through their work as beauty diversity advocates, other women will be inspired to speak up about the needs in their community and of course, beauty products.  inspire women to be vocal about their wants and needs in their lives, community and beauty products.

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