Monday, September 17, 2018

Red Magazine Inside Helena's World

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  1. Hi Helena, I am Dunga, the girl who met you in Rio de Janeiro many many years ago. I spent a week with you, James, and a very lovely black Brazilian dancer who had participated in a samba costume kinda outfit in a big hotel in Rio! Btw, James was a very good-looking model!And so were you! You were so friendly and sweet to all of us. I was dating an English guy who lived in Rio in the 80's. We all went to Gringo Cardia's house in Santa Teresa(up in the hills of Rio). We climbed on a fence and made wild rock and roll gestures and John took a bunch of our pictures. We also went to a restaurant in Rio downtown(Lapa). You were with a very tall English guy who was a photographer, can you remember all that? Sorry that I can't remember his name, but I believe he was interested in you because after we took you to the Rio's airport with James(you guys headed to the States). You gave me and the black Brazilian dancer a warm hug and thanked us. James was kind of sad that he couldn't take the girl with him. They spent the whole time on the way to the airport in that buss(van), hugging and kissing. After we left you guys at the airport, we went to a beautiful city outside of Rio, called Buzios, and the guy who liked, I don't remember if his name was Mark, I know that he was very good-looking and very funny! We spent a week in Buzios having fun in a beautiful resort in front of the ocean! He kept talking about you and said that he so wanted you there with him to enjoy that beautiful place. Anyway, I do not know if you will remember all that, but I want you to know that I've always enjoyed watching all your videos from the 90's fashions shows! Also I was really cheering for your and Michael H.(Inxs)back in the day, to be together for life! I listen to Inxs almost every single day for I believe Michael was the best front man ever! My name on Facebook is Maria Kent, this is my married name! I hope you and your family are doing good! Have a great day!