Friday, April 17, 2020

Meet the darkest model in the world, 'Melanin Goddess' Khoudia Diop, who is ruling the world of fashion

Khoudia Diop, a stunning Senegalese model, is making heads turn with her beauty in the world of fashion. She is probably the darkest model in the world and she is stunning!
When it comes to beauty, most people believe in the conventional ideas of it, that means fair skin. Perhaps it is the colonial hangover that has all of us convinced that fair skin is a parameter of beauty, but luckily things are changing. The current world of fashion is being ruled by a melanin goddess, Khoudia Diop, possibly the darkest model in the world.

With thousands of followers on Instagram and many prestigious ad campaigns in her kitty, this fashionista is breaking beauty stereotypes all over the world.

Her Instagram name 'Melanin Goddess' is also a tribute to her self-awareness and self-assurance of beauty.

Khoudia's caption also reflects her positive frame of mind. Along with a post, she wrote, "We didn't come here to be perfect... our journey isn't about everyone loving us, choosing us, or even understanding us. It's about our being brave enough to let someone in that wants to try."

In an interview with NRP, the diva opened up on how people still believe that white is beautiful and they need to be educated. She said, "Everyone there wants to be light. Everyone wants to be whiter. It's something that they need more education about. They don't know that being dark is something they don't need to change."

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