Friday, January 27, 2017

Kim Kardashian - Most Iconic Kim Kardashian Magazine Covers, Ever

Landing a Kim Kardashian magazine cover is a strategic move for publishers. With an eager fanbase of over 89M Instagram followers, Mrs. Kardashian West is more popular than the top 10 female models combined. To date, Kim Kardashian has appeared on over 40 magazine covers. The young starlet is responsible for some of the most talked about magazine covers of the decade. From her iconic appearance on VOGUE alongside husband, Kanye West, to her controversial nude PAPER mag cover that ‘broke the internet’, Kim Kardashian’s magazine covers are always trending.

2016 was a dramatic year for the influencer. Amidst a very public armed robbery in Paris and her subsequent several months long absence from social media, everyone’s wondering: where is Kim Kardashian? To provide you with your dose of Kim Kardashian media hysteria, we’ve compiled the star’s most iconic magazine covers, ever. Keep reading below for the full list of 13 controversial, scandalous, and nude Kim Kardashian magazine covers.

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