Friday, January 27, 2017

Rihanna is the Last Woman in the World for the September Issue of W Magazine.

W Magazine enlists the star power of Rihanna for its bold, futuristic September cover story. The issue, stenciled with a re-imagined W Magazine logo is titled, ‘Rihanna Special Collector’s Issue, an effort reclaim the popularity of print. Terry Jones, founder of i-D magazine, art directed the high profile issue alongside a hard hitting roster of talent. The cover story featuring our favorite bad girl was photographed by Steven Klein and styled by W’s own Fashion Director Edward Enninful.

On the cover, Rihanna wears a Cartier tiara accompanied by a choker and earrings, also by Cartier. With dynamic makeup by legendary Pat McGrath the singer adorns liquid gold tears, ruby encrusted lips and a sunburst design accentuating her left eye. Rihanna stars as the last woman on earth and the ruling queen in a dark, apocalyptic future. She is cast as the queen of wartime and peacetime; both of which are momentarily captured throughout the editorial, with peacetime photographed in black and white and wartime shot in vivid, exploding color.

It is noted that the cover shot by Steven Klein was actually initially conceived as a short film by screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker. Under the art direction of Terry Jones, the conceptualized idea manifested into the captivating cover of W Magazine for their September issue. Stylist Edward Enninful mentioned that if she were to be portrayed as a queen she should not be adorned in the latest runway collections because a proper queen would have her clothes made. In crediting this idea, designers such as Prada, Margiela and Christian Dior made actual custom pieces for her. The designs created specific for her finished themselves as collaboration pieces between both Rihanna and the participating designers.

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