Monday, March 20, 2017

Meet Melvnin, The Model Who Was Accused Of Being “A White Woman In Black Face”

An aspiring model from Gambia has recently risen to internet fame because of her striking features.

Known only as “Melvnin,” the model’s photos were reposted hundreds of times on Instagram, with some persons calling her a “real-life Storm” (making reference to Marvel Comics’ X-Men character), and others stating that she was possibly the most beautiful woman they’d ever seen.
Of course, the haters came for Melvnin, because some people simply cannot handle seeing a black woman shine.

The dark-skinned beauty was accused by one follower of being “a white woman in black face,” while many others claimed that her features were too “European” (she has freckles and blue eyes) to be that of a black woman’s.
This caught my attention because I’ve heard this kind of foolishness before; people saying a black woman has “white features.” So Kylie Jenner injects her lips and her ass and her everything else to achieve the look of a black woman and nobody says anything; in fact she has scores of persons who think she is physically “perfect,” (never mind the fact that they would ridicule a black woman who has similar features that she was actually born with), but a black woman can’t be born with blue eyes without being accused of being “a white person in black face?”

I’ll have these ignorant people making these offensive comments know that according to a 2009 scientific study, Africans are genetically more diverse than the rest of the world combined, so don’t act surprised if you see a straight nose and full lips, or a full nose and blue eyes. Hell, I’ve got a straight nose and full lips. Does that make me “a white woman in black face?”

Y’all better stop playing; Melvnin is gorgeous, 100% Gambian and BLACK. Deal with it.


  1. I love you so much rn for this article, even though I'm late as hell😂.👏

  2. Agreed! What a ridiculous notion. Esp considering in America you just have to look a BIT black to BE all black.
    She's a beautiful woman, she's black. Great! Let's celebrate her. And let's celebrate women who are unconventional: big nose, large eyes, wide teeth, small lips TOO. You don't need to tear someone down in the name of being forward thinking.