Friday, March 24, 2017

Melanin Goddess: Meet the Ebony Queen Who Is Also a Fashion Model

Senegalese/French beauty, Khoudia Diop is taking the world of modeling by storm with her stunning, shiny, ultra-Black skin…and receiving a lot of positive attention.

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Diop is 100 percent African, and like most Africans, she carries the characteristic of ebony Black skin that many native ethnic groups on the continent and Blacks in general are associated with.

Diop, who calls herself “Melanin Goddess,” is fast becoming a global fashion sensation.

In an era where many African people appear to be giving in to the pressure from international Western media — with glossy magazines, television, and advertising forcing its views on the rest of the world of what beauty should look like — Diop continues to carry herself like true Nubian royalty.

She is indeed very proud of her complexion and does the most to flaunt her God-given beauty before the cameras at any given opportunity.

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