Monday, March 13, 2017

Natalie Portman - in 'Jackie'


Natalie Portman steps delicately into the role of grieving first lady Jackie Kennedy. Her enormous sorrow after her husband's shocking assassination in Dallas saturates this heavy-hearted biopic from December. Chilean director Pablo Larrain ("No" and "The Club") provides a different perspective into those terrible days that shook the world in 1963. We get a strong sense of this admired, cultured woman, dazed but determined to defend the Kennedy legacy. Leaning on devoted brother-in-law Bobby Kennedy (Peter Sarsgaard) for strength, she exerts her will on funeral details and reluctantly departs the White House, which she lovingly restored. Nominated for three Oscars including best actress for Portman, the time-capsule drama cost $9 million and grossed $23 million. R, 100 minutes.

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