Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lola Chuil Black Hannah Montana

Meet the Black Hannah Montana! Lolita, another Melanin Goddess

Some call her the Melanin Goddess while others call her charcoal beauty, isn't she beautiful?
In a world of conventions and societal norms, it is difficult to be different. Everything has a preconceived notion and people who are dissimilar to the already set norms are tagged stubborn or abandoned. The fashion industry has played a major role in paving beauty standards of the human. Slim waist, tucked in tummy, oval face, white skin are some of the guidelines set by the so-called fashion world. While it has been almost difficult to be a model without fitting into these criteria, recently there has been a vast change.
The principles of the industry have been shattered by many models who embrace their body type. Here is one such model Lolita who is known for gorgeous dark black skin color. She calls herself the black Hannah Montana and refers herself to a Barbie doll.
Although the standards continue to exist, models like Olivia Campbell, Ashley Graham, Bishamber Das, Philomena Kwao among many others have set an example by breaking the general rules. Plus size models are in rage today. The courage shown by these ladies have paved way for the upcoming generation to be happy in their own body type.

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