Saturday, July 22, 2017

DARK PAST‘Human Barbie’ shocks fans after revealing her past… as a goth practicing WITCHCRAFT

Valeria Lukyanova posted snaps of herself during her teenage years

SHE'S made a name for herself as a Human Barbie clone.

But Valeria Lukyanova shocked her fans by publishing pictures of herself as a teen - before she had ever undergone plastic surgery - when she used to be a witch, practicing dark magic.
The snaps reveal the past life of the Ukrainian blonde - before she got breast implants and spent years crafting her body to look like a living replica of the iconic doll.

The three pictures show her still as a teenager some 15 years ago, a time during which she admits she was a long-time goth.
Valeria, who turns 31 in August, conceded that she used to practice dark magic and told fans: "I remember, you were asking for my picture when I was 15. I was a goth for a long time."

One of the goth pictures shows her wearing a long black dress standing in a circle of fire in a forest, with what looks like blood on her hands and some kind of Satanic-looking metal object in her hand.
Another snap shows the ‘Odessan Barbie’ lying in a bikini on a beach and the third image shows her in a fetching back laced-up top standing in front of a graffiti-covered wall, which reads  ‘Call Me’.

The pictures are in stark contrast to how Valeria looks today - with platinum blonde hair, glassy eyes, skinny long legs, a disproportionately large bust and shapely figure.
In her recent post, she also tried to answer questions raised about her plastic surgery, as fans believe she has definitely had more surgery done than a simple boob job.

She said: "As you can see, I’ve only done my boobs and have always been skinny. The only difference is that now I am more fit. That’s the only difference."
Ms Lukyanova claims everything - apart from her boobs - is 100 percent natural, and a result of a good diet involving small amounts of raw fish and fresh fruit juice, and a gruelling fitness routine.

But internet user ‘Anna’ pointed out that her nose looked slightly different: "What about her nose? Has it shrunk from her physical activity?"

And other fans said they were scared by the dark magic pics, with ‘Karga’ adding: "She is definitely a real witch."

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