Saturday, February 3, 2018

Meet Gao Qian, Beautiful Woman Who Described “The Most Beautiful Natural Butt” In The World

Having a sexy body is both a curse and a blessing to the girl who was hailed as China’s “most beautiful buttocks.”

The 19-year-old Gao Qian from Shenyang stated that she could no longer wear tights on the streets on a daily basis simply because people would normally get near her and point at her butt.
She also shared one embarrassing moment when a couple argued in front her after the guy commended her bottom. Since then, she opts to wear baggy clothes in public places to avoid being the center of attraction.

Last June 24, Gao won the title of the “most beautiful buttocks’, a contest held in a shopping mall where at least 50 women proudly writhed, wiggles, and shook their curvy butts to catch the attention of the judges.
Miss Gao is a part-time personal trainer and vlogger who earns money by broadcasting her daily activities on the internet. Being 5ft 7in tall and 132lbs in weight, she realized that she has what it takes to join the stated contest after her friends pointed it out to her.

She stated that she prepared for the contest by placing herself under a grueling training. Being a fitness fanatic, this didn’t take so much effort to her as she is used to having at least 6 hours of work out doing squats and lunges every day.
In an interview with Daily Mail, Miss Gao stated: “I’m very pleased with the results, I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get. This is the career I love.”
The reigning buttocks queen also admitted that her butts are all natural and she never had implants. For her, a beautiful rear is curvy and plump similar to Kim Kardashian’s, “her buttocks are curvy and her waist is tiny,” she added.
But being in a country with a conservative culture, Ms. Gao is lucky enough to have her family’s support for her new found career. She added: “My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it’s a very positive thing to do.”
A Chinese fitness club organized the announced, contest as a part of their bodybuilding competition. According to Zhang Zhichao of Saipu Fitness club, they created the “most beautiful buttocks” contest due to the public’s clamor for unique entertainment. He stated: “With the development of the times, men are looking for more visual stimulation, and the public wants more entertainment.”

Mr. Zhang also added that he never heard about Brazil’s “Miss BumBum” contest which is being associated with the event they organized.
Mr. Zhang explained: “Compared to other bodybuilding contests, showing off the bums has the lowest requirements, so more people could enter, and it didn’t need much publicity, people would just come and see it.”
Meanwhile, Ms. Gao statedshe would love to see Miss BumBum in Brazil someday even though she feels that Asian women have a disadvantage compared to Caucasian and Latinas when it comes to body curves.
“It might be a genetic thing or the bone structure,’ she stated. ‘In addition, they have more systematic training,” she stated.

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