Thursday, April 26, 2018

Baby Got Back!' Miss Bum Bum Doesn’t Wear Tight Leggings to Avoid Prying Eyes

Gao Qian from Shenyang City in North-Eastern China, grabbed first prize in the country’s “most beautiful butt” contest in 2017, and has since revealed how the win has changed her life.

Firstly, she’s attracted a whopping 2 million followers on the Chinese Twitter-like service Weibo and Instagram, due to a plethora of jaw-dropping workout pictures and hot selfies.

Separately, she has opened her own personal fitness studio in Shenyang, where she instructs sport enthusiasts on how to achieve such an astonishing physique. To top it all off, the self-proclaimed "Asia Ass Queen" has been able to purchase the "car of her dreams" and a "home by the sea."
The success, however, didn't come easy. She once shared an impressive video of herself doing leg raises, which appear to be just a small part of her regular training sessions which last roughly six-hours.
Gao previously revealed how she couldn’t wear tight leggings due to the fact that people around keep "pointing at my backside."

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