Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nyakim Gatwech - #happyblackhistorymonth✊🏿 @blackpanther

is out now and remember this is not just a movie this is opportunity to show all the little black girls and black boys that they queens and kings and that they superhero who can do anything they put their mind into. And to know that there is no shame of who you are and where you come from #Africastrong so go and watch this movement with Pride✊🏿 “And as she walks in, we all pause throwing roses at her feet, making sure her feet don’t touch the ground, she is royalty, and she should always be treated as such, a few of us will bow, and others will watch from afar in admiration, what a elegant being she is, beautiful black queen she reminds us that we are the Genesis of humankind, and forever a punch in the enemy’s face, we are here to stay, and lord knows there’s nothing that can be done to alter that cause before her, were queens and after her will be more queens, so learn to not only accept our existence, but learn to embrace it, and she will stand next to her king ruling lands far beyond the eye, teaching the young and old to never lack in faith or belief hail a queen a symbol of so much more than just beauty, a symbol of leadership and strength.” Spoken word by @kopongspeaks Model @queennyakimofficial photographer @islandboiphotography braided crown and top @moshoodat MUA and creative director @moshoodat

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